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  • Vacuum Measuring Instruments

    • Mass Flow Meter
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      Mass Flow Meter

      D07-7KM Mass Flow Meter Introduction The mass flow meter (MFC) consists of three basic devices: flow sensor, flow-splitter bypass and printed circuit board, it accurately measures mass flow rates despites gas volume fluctuated due to temperature changes. The MFC is widely applied in the fields...
    • Dual Thermocouple Compound Vacuum Gauge
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      Dual Thermocouple Compound Vacuum Gauge

      SYK-90 Dual Thermocouple Compound Vacuum Gauge Introduction SYK-90 dual thermocouple programmable compound vacuum gauge consists of two thermocouple vacuum gauges and an ionization vacuum gauge. It is a fully automated instrument that controlled by a single chip microcomputer. This compound...
    • Mass Flow Controller with Indicator
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      Mass Flow Controller with Indicator

      RY-044A Mass Flow Controller with Indicator Features Multi-parameter display and output: temperature, pressure, flow, etc Multi-parameter control: volume flow, mass flow, pressure Three standard control modes: digital, analog, local panels High precision is available: better than 0.5% ...
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