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  • Introduction Of The Operation Method Of Vacuum Coating Machine
    Mar 03, 2018

    The vacuum coating machine is a coating instrument that needs to operate at a higher vacuum. It is divided into two kinds of evaporation and sputtering.

    Evaporation coating process is generally the heating target material, which causes the surface components of the target material to be vaporized by atomic or ion form, and deposited on the substrate surface, forming the thin film through the process of film formation.

    Sputtering coating can be simply understood as the use of electrons or high-energy laser to bombardment the target and make the surface components of the target be sputtering in the form of atoms or ions, and eventually deposited on the surface of the substrate, forming the thin film through the process of film formation.

    Use steps:

    1. Operation method of electromechanical control cabinet for vacuum coating

    (1) Open the water pump and air source.

    (2) Turn on the main power.

    (3) Open the power supply of the holding pump and vacuum meter, the vacuum gauge position V1 position, wait for its value less than 10, and then enter the next operation. Probably needs five minutes.

    (4) Turn on the mechanical pump, perform the pre-pumping, open the turbo molecular pump power supply and start the molecular pump. The vacuum gauge switch is changed to the position of V2. After the vacuum degree is pumped to less than 2, stop pumping, and it will take 20 minutes.

    (5) When the readings of the turbine molecular pump are observed to reach 250, the pre pumping is closed, then open the backing pump and high vacuum valves continue to evacuate. Only after the vacuum reaches 2 × 10-3, the power supply of the electronic gun can be turned on.

    2. Operation of vacuum coating machine

    (1) Turn on the main power.

    (2) At the same time open the electronic gun control I and II power supply: according to the electronic gun control I power, delay switch, and then the delay light, power lamp and protection light, light up. After three-minute the delay light and protection lamp turn off. If the back door is not closed or the flow relay is faulty, the protection light will always be on.

    (3) Open the high pressure, high pressure will reach more than 10KV, adjust the beam to about 200mA, the shield grid is 20V / 100mA, filament current 1.2A, the deflection current swing 1~1.7.

    3. Shutdown sequence of vacuum coating machine

    (1) Turn off the gauge outfit and molecular pump.

    (2) When the molecular pump shows up to 50, the high vacuum valve, backing pump and mechanical pump are closed in sequence. Probably needs 40 minutes.

    (3) When the molecular pump shows less than 50, close the holding pump.