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  • Vacuum Elements

    • Multi-Mount Cylinder--MKD Series
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      Multi-Mount Cylinder--MKD Series

      Specification ① PT thread, NPT and G thread are available. Add) Refer to P397~420 for details of sensor switch.
    • MAL Series—Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder
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      MAL Series—Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder

      Acting type: Double acting Bore size: 20/25/32/40 Specification ① PT thread and G thread are available. Stroke Product Feature 1. The front and rear cover are threaded to the cylinder tube. 2. Piston seal adopts special-shaped two-way sealing structure with compact size and oil storage function....
    • Twist Clamp Cylinder--ACK Series
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      Twist Clamp Cylinder--ACK Series

      Theoretical Clamping Force (Unit: Newton (N)) Specification ① If there is no buffering device, exhaust throttle shall be added to achieve buffering effect. ② PT thread, NPT and G thread are available. Stroke Symbol Product Feature 1. The material of seals guarantees the reliable performance of...
    • Wing Nut Clamp
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      Wing Nut Clamp

      Wing Nut Clamp Introduction Quick release flange is a kind of convenient fastener for rapid connection of vacuum pipes, as the clamp connection ensures the easy installation and good sealing of the pipeline, the use of quick release flange is increasingly wider and deeper. Using aluminum alloy...
    • Bellows
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      Bellows Introduction Adopting advanced welding technology, our bellows has smooth weld and wonderful appearance. And products are tested strictly by helium universal leak detector before delivery to ensure high quality. Our stainless steel bellows are characterized by excellent bending fatigue...
    • ISO Double Claw Clamps
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      ISO Double Claw Clamps

      ISO Double Claw Clamps Introduction Vacuum hook head is a kind of one-off clamping product which adopting light weight and small clearance design, and there is no damage to the edge of the product. Our high-quality stainless vacuum hook head is characterized by high clamping speed, simple...
    • O-Rings
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      O-Rings Introduction O-ring is a kind of round rubber ring which prevents the leakage of lubricating oil or foreign matters. It is widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system. Specification Advantages With good sealing performance under the working pressure and a certain...
    • Oil Seals
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      Oil Seals

      Oil Seals Introduction The oil seal is a kind of mechanical element used to seal the oil. It separates the lubricating parts from the drive parts to avoid lubricating oil leakage. The oil seal is suitable for pipeline system which uses oil as medium to seal the welding, card sets, expansion pipe...
    • HFV-FS
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      HFV-FS Features With good high-and-low temperature performance, HFV-FS is especially suitable in areas with large environmental temperature difference. Good thermal stability and excellent lubrication friction properties. With great oxidation stability and chemical stability, it can help...
    • Diffusion Pump Oil
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      Diffusion Pump Oil

      Diffusion Pump Oil Introduction No. 3 diffusion pump oil is a kind of deep dewaxing lubricating oil which is processed by vacuum molecular distillation, aluminum silicate adsorption and membrane degassing process. No. 3 diffusion pump oil has extremely low saturation vapor pressure, proper...
    • Vacuum Grease
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      Vacuum Grease

      Vacuum Grease Introduction Vacuum grease refers to high vacuum silicone grease made of secondary processing products of polysiloxane. It is characterized by safe non-toxic, high physiological security, excellent heat resistance, good oxidation resistance, great stripping and electrical...
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