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  • Vacuum Coating Equipment

    We provide high-quality PVD vacuum coating machine such as Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machine, Multi-Arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machine, Multifunctional Vacuum Coating Machine, etc. Our vacuum coating machins are widely used in household electrical appliances, automobile, tools, moulds, hardwares, electronics, Jewelry, photovoltaic solar and other fields.
    • Optical Glass Deposition System
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      Optical Glass Deposition System

      Optical coating refers to the process of coating a layer (or layers) of metal (or medium) film on the surface of optical parts. The purpose of coating on the surface of optical parts is to reduce or increase light reflection, beam splitting, color separation, light filtering, polarization and...
    • IBAD IBED IAD Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
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      IBAD IBED IAD Ion Beam Assisted Deposition

      (lon Beam Assisted Depositon or Ion Beam Enhanced Deposition (IBAD or IBED) is a composite surface Ion processing technology that combines Ion Beam implantation with gas Deposition Deposition technology, and also a new technology for surface treatment optimization of Ion Beam. In the process of...
    • PVD Wear Coatings Machine
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      PVD Wear Coatings Machine

      Your products carry your reputation, which is why quality is a must during the manufacturing process. The best and most environmentally friendly method of coating is known as PVD, or physical vapor deposition. The PVD coating process produces durable coating finishes that can be applied to a...
    • Metallic Coating Equipment
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      Metallic Coating Equipment

      It is an innovative technological process for the treatment of surface coatings through co-deposition of a highly ionised layer of PVD and an intermetallic lubricant with an extremely low friction coefficient (WS2).
    • PVD Decorative Coating Machine
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      PVD Decorative Coating Machine

      Watch and Clock Coating,Jewelry Coating,ARCHITECTURAL MATERIAL COATING,Automobile industRy COATING,Decoration Coating,Glass and Ceramic Coating ,Mobile Phone Accessaries Coating,Sanitary Hareware Coating
    • Multi-function Coating Machine
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      Multi-function Coating Machine

      Aerospace Coating,Digital Products Coating,ELECTRONICS COATING,Laboratory Coating,Medical Devices Coating,Optical Lens Coating,Photovoltaic Coating,Precise Die Mould Coating,TOOLS COATING
    • Marine Fittings PVD Vacuum Coating Machine
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      Marine Fittings PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

      Marine Fittings ,stainless steel parts:Deck, hardware Hatches,Hinge,Balustrades and handrails,can be PVD coating by IKS PVD vacuum coating machine.
    • Scissor Surgical Dentist Instruments PVD Coating Equipment
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      Scissor Surgical Dentist Instruments PVD Coating Equipment

      Colour markings on instruments and implants can help in daily clinical practice, e.g. to rapidly find special tools. For medical devices made ​​of stainless steel, which can not be coloured by anodizing or any other process, there is the possibility of a colour-coating based on niobium.
    • Architectural Finishing PVD Coating Equipment
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      Architectural Finishing PVD Coating Equipment

      For clients looking to develop highly customized and extremely lavish spaces coated in precious metals, we offer the suitable PVD vacuum coating equipment. We bring the same quality, durability, and visual appeal to luxury products that we bring to the consumer and fine jewelry industries. Our...
    • Precious Metals Gold PVD Coating Equipment
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      Precious Metals Gold PVD Coating Equipment

      Coatings with pure gold are one of the noblest forms of surface design.Specific coatings with pure metals can be produced to order, e.g. gold, champagne-gold and silver with a constant, reproducible colouring.Brilliant surfaces of pure metals deposited by means of a PVD-process provide your...
    • DLC PVD Coating Machine
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      DLC PVD Coating Machine

      DLC-coatings have outstanding properties regarding reduction of wear, friction and corrosion. Therefore the DLC process is best suited for coating of components of tools and machinery supposed to be under dynamic load.DLC coating often is named Diamond-Like-Carbon-coating. It is a diamond-like...
    • Solar Power Panels And Photovoltaic Products PVD Coating Equipment
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      Solar Power Panels And Photovoltaic Products PVD Coating Equipment

      Thin film photovoltaics are solar cells were the semiconductor donor and absorber layers are deposited by magnetron sputtering.IKS PVD technology customized the suitable PVD vacuum coating machine for you.
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