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  • Architectural Finishing PVD Coating Equipment

    Architectural Finishing PVD Coating Equipment
    For clients looking to develop highly customized and extremely lavish spaces coated in precious metals, we offer the suitable PVD vacuum coating equipment. We bring the same quality, durability, and visual appeal to luxury products that we bring to the consumer and fine jewelry industries. Our machine could offer wear resistance in critical areas such as door handles, levers, thresholds, and sinks.And widely application of casino,yachts,etc. by applying jewelry-grade finishes to architectural details including roulette wheel, handrails, windows and portholes, cleats, hooks, winches, and more.
    Product Details:




    ZY-1515 decorative vacuum coating machine is a high-quality vacuum coating equipment specially used for the coating of sanitary products. And it is a magnetic control and multi-arc all-in-one machine. This equipment adopts medium-frequency magnetron sputtering technology, multi-arc ion plating technology, pulse bias technology and other advanced technologies. It also uses high-power medium-frequency sputtering power supply, magnetically controlled medium-frequency cylindrical targets and pneumatic arc round targets, which greatly increase the sputtering rate of targets and the deposition rate of thin films, but also greatly improves film uniformity and adhesion.


    At the same time, ZY-1515 is equipped with newly developed PLC intelligent program and touch screen automatic control system, which can complete the process settings, data collection, recording and other missions. Also, it has is simple and fast operation, as well as stable and reliable performance.


    ZY-1515 can make smooth coatings in IP black, rose gold, IP gold, sapphire blue, champagne gold, silver, brown, colorful, gun black, zirconium, rose red and other colors, the coating is awfully dense and uniform with strong adhesion to have an effect of beauty and protection. Therefore, the machine is widely used to make TiN, TiC, TiCN, CrN, TiAlN and other high-quality coatings for the bathroom accessory, hardware, watchcase, bracelet, golf equipment, tableware and other products.




    1. Environment protecting and pollution-free.


    2. Equipped with a large-scale vacuum furnace (φ1500 × H1500) to ensure large loading capacity and high production efficiency, cost savings.


    3. Full automatic control system ensures simple operation and stable performance.


    4. The coating is extremely smooth, dense and shiny.


    5. Excellent film uniformity and repeatability.


    6. Convenient and quick maintenance of equipment.    



    Chamber Size


    Effective Space


    Max Dia of Workpiece*qty


    Pumping-down Time

    (from atm. to 4*10-3<25   mins



    Actual Power



    IF+ARC (Optional)

    Target Qty

    11 Arc Targets/

    4 Cylindrical Targets

    Ultimate Pressure


    Leak Rate


    Standard Coatings

    IP-black, rose gold, IP-gold, 

    sapphire blue, champagne gold, 

    silver,   brown, colorful, gun black,

    zirconium, rose red...

    Standard Configuration

    11 Cathode Arcs/

    4 MF Cylindrical Targets

    Rotating Stand Structure

    Lower Structure

    Vacuum Chamber


    Vertical Single Open

    Power Supply

    MF Magnetron Sputtering Power 


    Pulse-bias Power Supply

    Special Vacuum Arc Power Supply

    Vacuum System

    Molecular Pump

    Roots pump

    Rotary Vane Pump

    Coating Cycle

    0.5-1.5 hours/furnace

    Occupation Space


    Control Method


    Full automatic Integration

    Supporting Conditions

    Circulating Water Pressure:


    Industry PC+PLC+Touch Screen


    Our own special coating software

    Compressed Air:4-6KG/CM3

    Working Gas

    Ar, N2, O2, C2H2,   etc


    Decorative Coatings


    Furnace, Outlook and Other Parameters Can   be Customized According to the Requirement.

    Coated product


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