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  • Analysis Of Power-Carrying Capability Of Magnetron Sputtering Targets
    May 24, 2018

     1. Target area and load power range


    (1) The power density of circular planar magnetron target is generally 1~25w/cm2

    (2) The power density of rectangular planar magnetron target is 1~36w/cm2

    (3) The power density of columnar magnetron target and conical planar magnetron target (S gun) is generally 40~50w/cm2.


    2. Actual carrying power of magnetron target


    In addition to the sputtering technology and film quality requirements, the actual bearing power of the magnetron target is also closely related to the cooling conditions and heat dissipation conditions of the target.


    Magnetron targets can be divided into two types "direct water cooling target" and "indirect water cooling target " based on the cooling method.

    Considering the aging of target after the long-term use make its heat dissipation conditions poor, and taking into account different heat transfer coefficients of different target materials, the ultimate load power of the magnetron target and the actual maximum power of the direct water cooling target can be set lightly less than the upper limit of the power density range. And the actual maximum load of the indirect water cooling target can be set about half of the upper limit of the power density range.


    When magnetron targets (mainly Cu, Ag, Brass, and Al bronze) “self-sputtering”, it typically uses a magnetron sputtering target that is specifically designed to “direct water-cool”. The ultimate carrying power for using must be greater than the upper limit of the target power density range.