The progress of coating technology has promoted the development of plastic vacuum coating

Dec 07, 2018

The progress of coating technology has promoted the development of plastic vacuum coating


Plastic vacuum coating products are generally a bottom coating and coating outside, so the quality of the coating and vacuum coating products have close relations in recent years, uv type of electron beam type of coating has been used on production electron beam type of coating can effectively put the rough surface of the plastic base material is smooth and closed its curing speed is very fast, once the electron beam irradiation, the immediate cure, and vacuum coating production operations can be conducted in a vacuum channel and continuous degassing first, and then coated with paint, and vacuum coating.The time-consuming operation of uncoiling and rewinding is eliminated, and the plastic base material reel is not required to be moved from one vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber. According to the report, the electron-beam solidified coating is one kind of coating 100% solid polymer, no solvent, less energy consumption when coating, less environmental pollution.


In order to prevent the coating layer with high hardness such as chromium and stainless steel sputtering on the plastic substrate from cracking,In addition to mastering the sputtering process conditions, acrylic coating should be used on the plastic substrate before coating.Apply base coat.For example, automotive plastic exterior decorative parts and other requirements of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to cold and heat changes, aging resistance to vacuum coating products, but also must be coated on the coating layer in line with the requirements of the outer coating. new Recently developed silane series of coatings, uv curing coatings can meet the requirements.The total With the development of coating technology, the operation of vacuum coating is simplified, making continuous and automatic operation possible Can, and improved product quality, increase variety, expanded application range.


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