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  • Applications of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings
    Jun 04, 2018

    The characteristics of diamond-like diamond coatings make it widely used in the mechanical parts industry, including the following categories.


    1. Precision Machinery

    Precision bearings, textile equipment and components, compressor screws, slip sheet, pump seals, blades, sewing equipment and components, springs, precision transmission…


    2. Tools

    Calipers, calipers gauges, plug gauges, fixtures…


    3. Medical Equipment

    Surgical blades, surgical scissors, heart valves, artificial joints, intravascular stent…


    4. Internal Combustion Engine Industry

    Fuel injection system (valve tappet, plunger, fuel injector), power transmission system (gears, bearings, camshaft), piston parts (piston ring, piston pin) , door locks, interior trim...


    5. Entertainment and Fitness

    Diaphragm of loudspeaker, mobile HDD, CD-ROM, golf club parts, bicycle parts, razor blades…


    6. Optics

    Infrared anti-reflection antireflection film, glass coating, lens coating acrylic coating, protective film…


    7. Decorative Coating

    Mobile phone shell, high-end watches, indoor and outdoor hardware, bathroom products, jewelry…


    8. Aerospace

    Aircraft, guided missile dome coating, satellite coating, solar cell coating…

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