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  • Common Quality Problems And Solutions Vacuum Aluminum Plating
    Jun 11, 2018

    1. Brown stripes on the surface of the film


    Low vacuum pressure

    Solution: Clean the aluminum feeding device, vapor deposition device, cooling system, unreeling and reeling device, and guide roller in the vacuum chamber. Check the vacuum system and reduce the ambient humidity.


    Film releases gas

    Solution: Pre-drying for film, and extend the vacuum pumping time.


    Too much aluminum spray

    Solution: Increase the speed, reduce the evaporation boat current and reduce the speed of feeding aluminum.


    Evaporation boat contains impurities

    Solution: Clean the evaporation boat and heat shield.


    Evaporation boat is aging

    Solution: Replace the evaporation boat.


    2. There are holes during the aluminum film plating


    There is too much aluminum material in evaporation boat

    Solution: Reduce the speed of aluminum feeding. Increase the evaporation boat current.


    Short out between evaporation boats in the vacuum chamber

    Solution: Block the short circuit


    Impurity splashes in vacuum chamber

    Solution: Clean the vacuum chamber wall, aluminum vapor deposition device, cooling drum, unwind, take-up device and each guide roller.


    3. Stretch phenomenon during the aluminum plating


    The tension of substrate is too high

    Solution: Adjust the unreeling and reeling tension control system and reduce the tension appropriately.


    The cooling system is malfunctioning

    Solution: Check the cooling system and troubleshoot.